About us

About Meditrust Medicar

‘Meditrust Medicare' is a recently built up laboratory based medical Institute which is basically meant for meeting up the unmet need of the urban-rural people of Bankura and committed to serve with excellence.

‘Meditrust Medicare’ is offering a technology based high quality healthcare facilities with greatest human efforts. We are dedicated to provide unmatched level of care to the all level of people of the community with their affordability and the practitioners too. Stationing at the core of heart of the Bankura town, with best quality instruments and qualified Experts, we promised to deliver unparalleled services to the community.

‘Meditrust Medicare’ is committed to fast and accurate laboratory testing and to handle the need based patient care with dedicated skillful professionals. To guide to the patients to reach their good quality of life, our professionals are ready to fight against the hurdles with the best possible efforts.